TIP: Manage your PS4 cloud game saves


Protect your favourite characters, best goals and game progress – never lose a save again by having backups in the cloud, available to download on any PS4 you use

Remember the days when you’d need to take your memory card round to a friend’s house to use your own save data on someone else’s console? Now your most important PS4 and PS3 game saves are never more than a few button presses away when you know what you’re doing.

Cloud saving is only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, but given that the service is required both for PS4 online play and a constant source of free games, we’re going to go ahead and assume that most PlayStation gamers are already signed up.

By using the cloud storage made available to PS Plus subscribers, gamers are able to send copies of their progress files to the cloud and retrieve them on any other PS4 console. All you need to do is sign into your own PSN account and every save you’ve uploaded will be right there waiting for you.

In this tutorial, we outline the process of making sure your saved data in the cloud is the most up-to-date version possible, as well as accessing this data from a different console. Happy gaming, wherever you go!

What is PlayStation Now?

Sony’s new game streaming service detailed

How to beat autosaves

It can be really annoying to have a game automatically save over your progress after an unlucky defeat in a FIFA season or a rude Don’t Starve hiccup 50 days in. To avoid this, back up your cloud saves regularly and when something goes wrong, simply overwrite your local save with the cloud version to turn back the clock and have another go.

Cloud game streaming PlayStation Now is Sony’s new cloud gaming initiative, born from its purchase of Gaikai’s technology. Similar to OnLive, it allows games to be played remotely on any compatible device, with no download necessary

Rent or subscribe As with services like Amazon Prime, users can choose to rent individual games for a limited time (costs are based on both game age and required access time) or subscribe to PS Now for access to a huge portfolio of games

Many devices supported As well as PS4, PS3 and Vita, PS Now will eventually be supported on additional platforms including new Bravia TVs – you won’t even need a console to play classic games, just a good internet connection and a DualShock controller

A vast library PS Now’s catalogue won’t just be PlayStation 3 games – it’s set to incorporate PS4 titles as well as classic PSone and PS2 games in the coming months and years. With so many games available, though, where will you even begin?

PS4 cloud saves explained

Works on: PS3, PS4

01 Automatic uploads By default, the PS4 will automatically upload game saves to the cloud while on standby. To check or change this, head to the Setting menu then into System, where it’s Automatic Downloads and Uploads you want.

02 Enabling standby features To use automated save uploads, set your PS4 to connect while on standby. Go to Settings>Power Saving Settings. In the Set Functions Available in Standby Mode menu, ensure ‘Connect to the Internet’ is checked.

03 Manual uploads To go manual, uncheck the box in step one and head to Application Saved Data Management. Now copy save data manually by selecting Saved Data in System Storage, then Upload to Online Storage.

04 Choose your files When working manually, select a game from the list to see the data. Choose the ones you want, then Upload. Keep an eye on save dates and times when uploading to avoid overwriting more recent versions.

05 Sign in elsewhere If you’re not on your PS4, create a new user and sign into PSN using your details. This will create a copy of your account on the new console, be it a friend’s PS4 or a replacement for a faulty machine.

06 Retrieving your data To download a save, head to Settings, then Application Saved Data Management. Pick the Saved Data in Online Storage option, then Download. Upload new data when you’re done playing on someone’s console.